Name: Dais/Rajura

Real Name: (from org) Kuroda Jirougorou

Title: Warlord of Illusion/Gen Masho

DOB: October 9, 1549

Birthplace: Around Kanto

Astrological sign: Libra

Height: 176 cm/5'9"

Weight: 70 kg/154 lbs

Hair: white/silver white with occasional purplish tinting.

Eyes: blue (left missing)

Blood Type: B

Virtue(dub): Serenity

Kanji (org) (Bushido virtue): NIN or endurance

Armor/Yoroi: Armor of Illusion or Spider/Gen Yoroi

Special attack: Web of Deception/ Tochimou (Spiderweb Cast)

Weapons: Nunchucks, Morning Star (which is actually a flail…), 6 Extensor Blades

Voice Actors: Mathew Smith/Jûrôta Kosugi

Personality: Dais has a fairly intricate, multi leveled personality. He is very intelligent and likes to plan things out before taking action. He is a "thinker and planner"

Profile: Dais is an exceptionally intelligent man (as evident from the intricate plans he concocts to defeat the Ronins). He never goes to action before planning out what he will do. His intelligence is also shown in the fact that he is the second Warlord to begin questioning Talpa's actions and motives concerning the Warlords and their armor. He does not seem to enjoy the direct confrontation as much as the other Warlords. In a fight he prefers to use his complex plans, and utilize his illusions to trick his opponents into knocking eachother out leaving him the victory (or only one person to finish off to get it). He seems to enjoy playing mind games though (and this does tie in well with his powers). The target of this is most often Kento (whose almost black/white right/wrong sense of justice is easily preyed upon).

Fan View (general): Being a Warlord (or rather a Warlord not named Anubis) Dais is not featured all that often in fics. In some of his fics he and the other Warlords are evil once again (for reasons known only to the author). Also not much characterization is done. In fics where the author remains true to the series (and keeps them good) opinion varies. I have seen him often portrayed as vain and egotistical (apparently long hair=vain). Other fics portray him as the most capable of the Warlords (he can cook sew etc) and often have him as a de-facto leader/father figure (he is the eldest after all). In general he seems to retain his intelligence but he never gets much characterization or personality (beyond that of a “pretty boy”).

F.V. Popular “Romantic” Pairings: The romantic Dais fic is a rarity unto itself. When they do occur he has mostly the same pairings in all of them whether it be hetero or yaoi). Dais most often gets paired with Kayura (in het fics). I think this is due to the fact he says “She is a cunning girl” (apparently people think that one warrior showing another warrior respect is a sign of devotion just as banter in battle makes Kay and Rowen a popular couple but I digress). A less often seen pairing is with Mia. Although I have only seen one writer do this (Summer Star). In most of these fics ‘Dais the lover’ is not really explored in depth (ie we don’t see much in the way of a romantic side to him-Sumsums fics being an exception). Original females vary, one I read had him almost stalking her (using illusions to “check up” on his love interest).

Yaoi couplings seem to be kindest to Dais (as a character). He gets more fleshed out and has more depth. The top pairings would be with Anubis and Cale, some even having both (first ‘Nubis then after his death Cale). I’d say at least 75%-85% of Dais yaoi fics contain one of these two pairings. Sekhmet is the next most popular pairing. Pairings with the Ronins are semi rare with Kento interestingly being the most popular (heated rivals to heated lovers…). Ryo is the only one I have not seen him paired with.

My View: Coming soon, I need time to formulate my thoughts and all. ;-)

Episodes Featuring Dais: *indicates a more featured role. Click title for rundown of his appearance. Also note that this was done by memory, and I prolly missed one or two. As soon as I get to go through my tapes I will have a complete list with no holes.

Glory for Anubis
Secret of Wildfire
The Search Begins
The Counter Attack
Friend or Foe*
Wildfire in the Sky:
Assault on the Dynasty*
Fate of the Ronin Armor*
Armor of Life
Raid on Talpa's Castle
The Legend of the Armor
Sand Blasted*
Talpa Turns the Tide*
Strategies of the Netherworld
Cheap Tricks
Anubis's Armor Revived
Lady Evil Sees the Light
Triumphant Warriors

Other tidbits: Coming soon.

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